Book Discussion

“The River"


Thursday, March 22, 3:30 p.m.
Central Library Auditorium, 660 W. Fifth St. Winston-Salem

For more than a decade Helen Humphreys has owned a small waterside property on a section of the Napanee River in Ontario. In the watchful way of writers, she has studied her little piece of the river through the seasons and the years, cataloging its ebbs and flows; the plants and creatures that live in and around it; and the signs of human usage at its banks and on its bottom.

The River is the result, a gorgeous and moving meditation that uses fiction, non-fiction, natural history, archival maps and images, and stunning full-color photographs to get at the truth. In doing this, Humphreys has created a work of startling originality. 

Copies are available for check-out at the Forsyth County Public Library. Book discussion led by Candace Brennan of the Forsyth County Public Library.