Lunch & Learn

Bring a bag lunch and learn something new during Creek Week!

The Water We Drink

Monday, March 27, Noon
R.A. Thomas Water Treatment Plant, 1201 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

Every day, the City-County Utilities Division purifies almost 40 million gallons of water from Salem Lake and the Yadkin River and delivers it to customers in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. Come see how they do it with this entertaining and informative tour of the R.A. Thomas Water Treatment Plant.  A great field trip for home schoolers!

Water COnservation Tips and Environmental Best Practices for Homeowners

Tuesday, March 28, 1 p.m.
Forsyth County Cooperative Extension, 1450 Fairchild Road, Winston-Salem.

Water conservation practices can save homeowners money and preserve natural resources, but implementing these practices often requires some up-front investment or technical skill. The Forsyth Soil & Water Conservation District can help! Join Jerry Dorsett, the Community Conservation Assistance Program Coordinator with the district, to learn about cost-share programs and technical services available to homeowners to better manage their land and protect their water quality.

Where the Wastewater Goes

Wednesday, March 29, noon
Archie Elledge Wastewater Treatment Plant, 801 Griffith Road, Winston-Salem

The treated wastewater (i.e. sewage) that the Utilities Division puts back into the Yadkin River is cleaner than the raw water that it pulls out of the river for our water treatment plants. See how it happens -- to the tune of millions of gallons a day -- during this informative tour of the Archie Elledge Wastewater Treatment Plant.  A great field trip for home schoolers!