“Wild caught” 

Tuesday March 21, 7 p.m. 
Temple Emanuel, 201 Oakwood Drive, Winston-Salem. 

"Wild Caught: The Life and Struggles of an American Fishing Town,” a documentary by Winston-Salem's own Matthew Barr, describes the disappearing way of life for fishermen as skyrocketing real estate taxes and fuel costs coupled with environmental degradation and globalization challenge their livelihood. Viewers meet not only fishermen, but also others in the Eastern North Carolina town whose survival revolves around the sea – net makers, crab pot makers and those who sell fishing tackle. Free and open to the public.


"Divide in Concord"

Thursday April 6, 7 p.m. 
Temple Emanuel, 201 Oakwood Drive, Winston-Salem. 

"Divide in Concord" chronicles the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America. In 1775, Concord patriots fired the 'shot heard round the world' that began a revolution and defined a nation. Now a local 84-year-old woman has waged another seemingly unwinnable battle. For three years Jean Hill has been trying to rid the town of single-serve plastic bottles of water. Complete with strong opposition from local merchants and the bottled water industry, Jean is once again leading the controversial crusade. Free and open to the public.

Both movies are presented by the Temple Emanuel Environmental Movement. Learn more by sending an email to