Forsyth Creek Week

Water Quality Education Grant

To further its mission of educating Forsyth County residents about the importance of local waterways, the Forsyth Creek Week organizing committee will provide a grant of up to $2,500 during 2017 for a water quality education/outreach project. This grant may be combined with other funds to complete the project.

The grant will be made to a non-profit organization that is registered with the IRS, such as a 501(c)(3),  that is active in Forsyth County. Projects funded in whole or in part by this grant must be completed and invoices submitted in time to ensure payment by Dec. 31, 2017.

The grant must use used entirely for the proposed project. No portion of the grant may be used to pay salaries, rent, administrative costs or other general overhead costs.

To be considered for the grant, fill out the application (linked at the bottom of this page)  and submit by 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24, 2017. Supporting materials (such as drawings, site plans, cost breakdowns etc.), if any, should be emailed by 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 24, 2017, to Roseann L’Esperance, Please include the project title and the words "supporting documentation" in the subject field. The winner will be notified March 27 and will be announced publicly at the Creek Week keynote address March 28.

Proposals will be scored on a 100-point scale, based on the following factors:
·         Potential impact of the project and its longevity: 30 points
·         Visibility to the public: 15 points
·         Number of anticipated participants: 10 points
·         Maintenance plan: 10 points
·         Partnerships with other organizations: 20 points
·         Innovation or “wow” factor: 10 points
·         Signage: 5 points

The successful applicant must agree to acknowledge Forsyth Creek Week support for the project and provide photos of the project that can be used on the Forsyth Creek Week website social media.

The Forsyth Creek Week organizing committee reserves the right to not award a grant if it does not consider any proposal to have sufficient merit.