Teacher Professional Workshop

Stream Ecology for Teachers

Thursday, March 28, 4:30-7 p.m.
Reynolda Gardens, 2250 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem

This hands-on session will focus on the study of stream ecology, macroinvertebrates, and specifically how water sources can be monitored using a leaf pack collection method. Conducting a leaf pack experiment by placing artificial leaf packs in a water source, such as a lake or stream, replicates the natural process of leaves forming packs in streams. Students have the opportunity to learn scientific principles and gain a better understanding of how water sources function as ecosystems. Participants will learn several methods that allow student experiences in identifying and observing macroinvertebrates, understanding processes in aquatic ecosystems, and making observations and collecting data to assess the health of water features. Stream Ecology programming can meet NC Essential Standards, 2009 including but not limited to; 3.E.2; 4.L.1; 5.E.1; 5.L.2; 5.G.1; 8.E.1; and 8.L.3, as well as high school biology and earth/environmental standards.

Free! A boxed dinner will be provided by Forsyth Creek Week. Space is limited. Registration is required. Please call the Education Office at Reynolda Gardens at 336.758.3485 to register or click here to register online.

Attendance can be counted as either Criteria II or III (or as continuing credit) for the NC Environmental Education Certification program.

 Taught by Amanda Lanier, an N.C.-certified environmental educator and curator of education for Reynolda Gardens of Wake Forest University